Not always does an adventurer have time to sort through one thousand store items and prepare for an adventure or task. So Grimsward the Bold has prepared the perfect adventuring backpack for you. Grimsward has to his credit over 5 quest completed missions and 27 dungeons crawls, including the dreaded Tomb of Horrors, but he never speaks of that one. His experience speaks for itself when he states “this is all the ya will ever need fer a dungeon crawl”. Now available in olive green or mold brown.

Grimward’s Backpack:
Survival kit / Sewing kit / Purse
Hemp rope: 50 foot
Soap: 1 lb. / Mirror
Bread / Hard cheese / Dried meat
Spare set of clothing
Water skin: 2 litres / Dried fruit / Dried herbs
Salt: 1 lb. / Spyglass
Lantern / Oil skin: 2 litres (1 week burning time)
Flint and steel
Writing paper
Plate / Cup / Iron cooking pot
Animal feed / Small barrel of mead
Personal entertainment (book, card game, etc.)
Writing equipment
Knife / Fork / Spoon
Potion bottles
Bottle of Holy Water (10 applications)
Empty sacks
Tent / Proficiency kit / Spare set of clothing
Empty sacks
Holy symbol / Candles
Potion bottles
3 Scroll cases
Spell component case
3 Scroll cases
Bedroll with 2 winter blankets / Sleeping mat