The Island and the Lost Temple map and areas.

The players have discovered the island, some magical statues, and a few corpses. The pirates are nervous, but nothing else is left to do but press on to the building.

The island is rocky with very few plants and no real animal life to speak of. It is a desolate place, with no food or shelter except perhaps the building in the middle . The rocky ground makes walking a painful course but unavoidable. Ahead the party can see more small cliffs that will have to be navigated.

Note: If the players wish to ambush the pirates here they may but the hostages on board the pirate ship will suffer and the players have no other way off the island but that ship. Also using Black Lily as a hostage will not gain them an advantage either. Plenty of others will take her place if she dies.

The trip up to the temple is uneventful, more statues can be seen across the area of the island as if placed haphazardly, all of them look out toward the sea.

As they cross the treacherous ground near the temple they can see it is made of a different stone then the rocks that cover the ground around them. The building itself is 15′ tall and 190′ long. It makes everyone somewhat uncomfortable to approach it.