“The trolls chanted ‘WAR!’ with a thunderous boom while the orcs pounded drums that said ‘DOOM! DOOM! DOOM!’ Man and Elf drew blade, pulled bow and prepared for death ‘neath broiling gloom'”

The old man sighed and sat back. “That was seventy years ago little ones. I was a man of twenty, and very, very afraid. It was the Battle of a Hundred Deaths, or so we called it…because we were outnumbered a hundred to one, and our enemies were most terrible. he said aising a bushy white eyebrow dramatically.

“But grand da, how did you survive?” the little girl, his granddaughter, asked with wonder.

“We had help from above, we did”. He looked reverently toward the ceiling.

“A priest and fiercely pious man, Evonhuda I believe he was called, spent the night before in intense prayer. Then he came forth from his seclusion just before battle with an answer to his supplications. I should say it was a miracle indeed. I still have one left of the few given me!”. He reached behind his rocking chair and brought forth an black shafted arrow. The tip glinted brightly in the firelight and the children gasped with awe at its lethal beauty.

“But grand da, how did YOU survive??” they begged.

“Ahhhhh, I honestly can’t remember. Lemme see……”

Type: Arrow +1

Abilities: These arrows are +1 to hit and damage. The arrows also score 5x damage when a critical hit is scored instead of the normal 3x. These arrows ignore all non-magical shield AC bonuses. The arrow themselves will pierce through the non-magical shield, thus damaging it, to its intended target. Magical shield retain all bonuses and can’t be damaged by the arrows.