Dark Earth Campaign (ZIP 551KB) by Occult Entertainment


The Story…

Earth has always been a feudal planet. Wars over religion and ways of thinking have rocked our planet since time primordial.

So it surprised no one when a large group of Muslim extremists attacked Israel. What did surprise some, however, was the result.

The United States reaction to the attack was swift – troops poured into the small land, and many innocent people died. Surrounding Muslim countries ordered the United States to retreat, saying too much innocent blood had been shed.

The United States refused to budge.

A Jihad was declared, and a holy war unlike any ever seen before was begun.

With super technological weapons and equipment at their disposal, the United States seemed guaranteed to be the winner – until China stepped in, saying the US had stepped out of bounds, and Russia joined the US, saying they had every right to be doing what they were doing.

Soon afterwards, the rest of the world chose sides.

The Earths first true World War soon took place.

No one knew who launched the first nuclear missile. It triggered many others though, and the Earth was soon devoid of life…


Several groups of people from different societies saw the inevitable nuclear outcome, and made their way underground to avoid it. These groups eventually banded together, and a large society was formed. They had a great amount of technology at their disposal, and enough supplies and science to survive for an indefinite amount of time.

As the bombs fell, the underground dwellers felt the tremors…but were safe from the radiation and nuclear fallout that destroyed the rest of the species.

But all was not harmonious.

Civil war began underground.

The people divided themselves into two large groups, and eventually separated from each other. The group that left had very little technology and food, and were forced to find ways to survive on their own.

And thus they did.

Years passed. The Earth was devastated not only by the effects of Nuclear war, but also by meteors that pounded into the small planet, putting up layers of dust that blocked the suns rays and froze the tiny planet over.

More years passed. The planet began to thaw.

The humans underground, who had been monitoring the planets condition with their advanced technology, prepared to surface. The entire time they were underground they did things to prepare themselves for this glorious moment – skin treatment so they would not burn when they finally arose, eye treatment so they would not become blinded by the suns rays…

The smaller groups of humans who separated from the larger also prepared – but they had changed much in their time apart from their brothers. Because of the lack of technology and food, they turned to cannibalism. When they realized that this would ultimately lead to their death, they developed a plan – if they simply drained people of blood, they could survive off of the other foods they discovered and created from their underground environment.

So they separated themselves, raised groups of themselves to be mindless cattle with the sole purpose of feeding the others. This worked well, and they soon developed other unique technologies to help them better survive in their harsh environment strict workout regimens, age defying technologies, strength and speed augmenting drugs…

These super-humans were the first to rise from the darkness. It was hard for them to adjust to the suns light, even though it was still weakened by the dust of the meteors, and they found themselves prone to skin burns and blindness.

They retreated back underground, developed protective lotions and contacts for their skins and eyes, and they rose again.

They quickly built a city, and began propagating – all the while keeping with their blood drinking ways.

They developed clans, and the members of the most powerful clans ruled over the weaker. Cattle were still raised all over the city, which they dubbed Nexus, and hundred of years passed in this fashion.

They came to greatly outnumber their more technologically advanced brothers, who were still underground, preparing to rise.

This is the Earth that the technologically advanced Humans – the true Humans – rose to: a Dark Earth, in more ways than one…