Umbragia (ZIP 1717 Kb)

Umgragia: Realms of Shadow Campaign:

Umbragia is filled with mystery and intrigue. It is a place where possibility becomes reality and reality fades away into dreamscapes. It is a place neither for the faint of heart, nor for those looking for the standard in Fantasy Faire.

The Realms of Shadow – or at least the one we are about to show you – are places that are a little different. True, it is fantasy. It does have magic, and monsters and histories that span millennia. Races that are as old as recorded time live side-by-side with peoples that can trace their history to the first ancestor. They are places of upheaval and ever changing political landscapes.

But this has all been done before.

“What,” you may be asking yourself, “is so different? Why is this world such a stretch from the fantasy worlds we know and love so much?”

These worlds assume nothing. You will not see a Tolkien Orc or an Elf that looks surprisingly like that of the Elfquest variety. In fact, you will not see an Orc or an Elf at all.

We did this to avoid the natural arguments that come about when people have vastly different views of what a ‘real’ orc or elf is. If we were to borrow any races from fiction or legend or myth, then some would see them as hopelessly flawed.

We wanted a labor of love that we could share with the rest of the world. But do not feel that we have created a completed work. This is a framework – a structure upon which to fasten your greatest dreams of adventure and most twisted plots of political intrigue.

Much of the detail of the world is left purposefully ambiguous. There is enough detail to spark the imagination and enough left untold to allow Dungeon Masters to have vastly different campaigns. We did not want to replace your imagination; we wanted to give it a foundation from which to grow.

We have planned several books to follow this one. Each one will add more detail, build upon the foundations that we form here. But none of those books will be required. Each will also be completely self-contained. You can mix and match, as you desire…