In a land where magic flowed like the rivers, there lived a wizard named Ravenna. She was a solitary wizard, preferring to live in the quiet of the forest where she could focus on her studies and improve her magic.

However, Ravenna was not immune to the dangers of the magical world. She had heard tales of dark wizards who roamed the land, using their magic for evil and destruction. Ravenna was determined to protect herself from these dark forces, and so she dedicated herself to the study of defensive magic.

One day, as Ravenna was deep in meditation, she sensed a powerful dark magic nearby. She quickly realized that she was being hunted by a group of dark wizards who sought to capture and enslave her. Ravenna was outnumbered and outmatched, and she knew that she had to act fast.

With all her might, Ravenna focused her energy into creating a new spell, one that would protect her from the dark wizards’ attacks. She closed her eyes and cast the spell, and to her surprise, it worked. The spell created a magical trigger that would automatically activate a dispel magic spell whenever any magic was detected in the vicinity.

Ravenna was able to escape the dark wizards and make her way back to safety. She shared her spell with other wizards, and it quickly became known as the “Dispel Magic Trigger.” The spell proved to be a valuable tool in battles against dark wizards and was instrumental in maintaining balance and peace in the land of magic.


With this spell the wizard prepares a dispel magic that will activate if a magic effect is triggered within 20 feet of the caster. This will also work on a dispel magic targeted on the caster. Otherwise this spell is exactly as a dispel magic. The trigger is on the caster.
 Level  5 Wiz, Sor, Clr
 Components  V,S
 Range  0
 Target  Caster
 Duration  1t / lvl
 Save  Special
 Resistance  No