Butterfly Choker
By Mark A. De Larm
 School  Trans.

By this spell the caster animates a knotted handkerchief in his hands into a cloth butterfly. The animated cloth then flies to its target within 30? and wraps around their throat. While the spell lasts the victim loses a temporary 2 points of CON each round. If the victim tries to free themselves from the butterfly by pulling it off the loss is 1 CON a round.

Spellcasting is impossible while the butterfly is around the victim’s neck and any attacks made by the victim at at -4 to hit and -2 to damage.

If the victim makes a reflex save when the spell is completed he avoids the animated cloth and it falls to the ground harmlessly. The victim may also try to pull off the butterfly by making a strength check (DC 20) and thus ending the spell and his torture.

The spell will not work on creatures with no neck or that are huge in size or larger.

 Level  1 Sor, Wiz
 Components  V,M
 Range  30′
 Target  1
 Duration  1m / lvl
 Save  Yes
 Resistance  No