Once the necromancer Scathe is dead, the summoned creatures will disappear and any zombies left will become inert. Those characters who may have been under Scathe’s control are now free-willed but still undead.

The party may decide to take the pirate ship from the pirates but you should inform them that without skills to pilot the ship they will never leave the island without being crushed on the rocky shoals that surround it.

Black Lilly is feeling grateful however. She is overjoyed to be alive and free of Scathe’s power. Once her crew are set free, and Scathe’s treasure is seized, Lily orders that the ale be broken out and a huge party to commence. She treats the players as companions instead of prisoners and, once slightly drunk, even offers to let them and the remaining crew of the Merry Ann go.

Sometime after the party, when in the midst of a vicious hangover she will remember this promise or more likely have to be reminded of it. She will be irritable initially but will eventually give in. She will even let the players have all their goods, and more importantly all the masks. She will try very hard to convince any player who became her lover to stay on. If he chooses not to sail away with her, she will pout, make some vague threats but will eventually give in.

She will demand a token of some sort from him. If he does not give her something of sufficient value or beauty she will go through his things to find something that pleases her.

Note: This might be a good opportunity to relieve the players of wealth or magic items that you think might be too powerful.

When all is said and done she drops the party, along with Captain Pectas and his 4 remaining crewmen on the shore of a neighboring kingdom. She sends them in the longboat with a crew and places them near a road so they might journey to a port town and book passage home from there.