There lived a tribe of nomadic hunters. These hunters relied on their wits and skills to provide for their families, but they often found it difficult to start fires in the rain and snow. Despite their best efforts, the wet wood and damp kindling would not catch, and the tribe would huddle together in the cold, wishing for a way to warm themselves.

One day, a young hunter named Flant was on a solitary hunt when he stumbled upon a small stream. As he knelt to drink, he noticed a glint in the water. He reached in and pulled out a smooth, sparkling red stone that had a strange glow and unusual shape. The stone was red and it felt warm to the touch.

Intrigued by his discovery, Flant decided to take the stone back to the tribe and show them. That night, as the tribe sat huddled together, shivering in the cold, Flant remembered the stone. He pulled it out of his pack and held it in his hands. As he dreamed of being warm, the stone began to heat up. He held it towards the fire pit and to his surprise, a spark jumped from the stone, and within moments, the kindling was ablaze. The tribe was overjoyed, and they cheered Flant for his discovery.

Flant had since put the stone into a ring, which he wore until his final days.

Abilities: This simple ring has only a small ruby inset in a smooth silver band. Upon uttering the command word the wearer can ignite a small flame about an inch away from the ruby that will set aflame anything it touches exactly like a match would.

Caster Level: 1st; Prerequisites: Craft Ring, Prestidigitation; Market Price: 300 gp