Created by Zorf the trickster the item made itself popular by most of the lower class magi as a quick get out of trouble wand. The wand is made out of coral or bone from a sea creature and can be used by any class.

Abilities: The wand has two modes of operation.

1: Produce Water (1 charge) This causes a stream of water to shoot out of the wand as if from a large fountain opening. The stream will last for 5 rounds, producing 2 gallons of water each round. The stream will do no damage and will shoot about 5 feet. It will extinguish normal fires and wash away debris.

2: Water Blast (2 charges) This causes a huge blast of water to shoot out that causes damage and may knock the target back. The water blast is a stream 5 feet wide, has a range of 30 feet, and can target one creature. The blast does 4d6 damage, reflex save DC 15 for half damage. Medium size and smaller targets that fail their reflex save will be blasted back 10 feet and knocked flat on the ground. The reflex save DC check will be +5 penalty for small or close targets. When all the charges are expended, the wand becomes non-magical.

Creation: Caster Level 9, prerequisites, Craft Wand, create water, Summon Monster V (medium water elemental). Market price 7,250 GP. Weight 1 lb.