From a lost bet, a grudge holding wizard, and a cocky rogue this ring came into being. Hadrec was a skilled and notorious burglar in years past that believed no item was safe from his skills. He could “burgle” any place given preparation. He preferred gems most of all for their ease of concealment and carry.

A dealer in fine gems and jewelry the wizard Ixzig used his skills to make very exciting and priceless stones for royalty and any that could afford his work. His problem lie in that the stores he set up were always being looted by the infamous Hadrec himself.

No matter what Ixzig attempted or protected Hadrec always found a way around his magics. The wizard attempted in vain to have the thief placed in jail, caught in the act, or even killed once or twice. Being outwitted by a mere rogue made Ixzig furious.

One day Ixaig had a thought and made a bet with Hadrec meeting him at a public location of Hadrec’s choice. Since Hadrec feared magic somewhat he stayed away from Ixzig’s stronghold where he perfected most of his work. “A magical protection at a store is one thing, but a magical stronghold is another…” Ixzig made a ring that even Hadrec could not resist, a ring of invisibility and silence.

The bet was that if Hadrec could steal Ixzig’s most prized sapphire from the most secure vault at the capital of the kingdom, the ring would be Hadrec’s as would the gem he stole. In exchange if Hadrec failed he would agree to stop looting his stores and leave his business alone. Hadrec had one week from the time of the bet to steal the gem. Hadrec being honorable agreed and the bet was on.

After only 6 hours Ixzig found his prized gem stolen from the very vaults of the capital city that had been regarded as the safest safe in the known world and the loser of the bet.

Hadrec was given his ring of invisibility and the prized gem. Hadrec at 1st was skeptical of the magic the ring held and tested it thoroughly. Once satisfied, he used it to further gain more treasures and his notoriety

Hadrec became more and more dependent on the ring as his skills for stealth has not been practiced since the acquisition of the ring. At the height of Hadrec’s career on a night of absolute silence and stealth the ring failed. It failed at such a time that Hadrec was finally caught. The wizard had gotten his revenge. Even though the ring was what Ixzig said it would be, it was fueled by magic. And over time the magic wore off and Hadrec never realized it.

To this day Hadrec blames himself for being so blinded by his own greed and dependence on the ring Ixzig gave to him.

The Ring of Hadrec is a simple silver band with the word “patience” inscribed on the inside of the band. This is the phrase to activate the ring’s ability.

Abilities: The ring itself has 13 charges to make its wearer invisible and silent. A charge replenishes once a week so to replenish from zero charges requires 13 weeks. If the wearer attempts to use the ring when the charges are at zero it has a 75% chance of working in the 1st round and decreasing 25% each round after. The unfortunate side effect of the ring is that the wearer will not be aware of this and will still think himself invisible and silent. Thus Hadrec’s demise.

Market Value: 2500 gp
Required: Forge Ring, Bestow Curse, Invisibility, Silence 15′