The staff was originally procured by the famous jester Pyronisys. They assisted in his performances and made the fool much money. Upon his death it was found that the entertainer spent all his money and had none to pay for the burial. It was then that his belongings were sold to cover the costs. No one knew for years that the staff was magic. Pyronisys’s death was as amusing as he was. After a long show and well after everyone was a sleep the performer took a walk outside and accidentally slipped on some elephant dung. The next morning he was found dead as when he fell he knocked himself out on a rock within the pile of elephant dung thus drowning. Oddly enough people were not surprised.

Abilities: The bearer of this staff gains a +4 competence bonus to Balance checks, subject to the conditions described below. The staff can also be used in combat as a masterwork quarterstaff. When used in conjunction with the Acrobat’s Slippers, the two bonuses stack, and in addition the bearer receives a synergy bonus of an additional +2 to Balance checks. When used for Balance checks, the staff must be used two-handed. In addition, the bearer cannot carry anything on his arms, such as a shield, otherwise the bonus is negated. Very rarely, an Acrobat’s Staff is also enchanted as a spell-casting staff; most commonly these are Staffs of Passage, Size Alteration, or Woodlands.

Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, creator must have 5 ranks of the Balance skill, cat’s grace; Market Price: 820; Weight: 1 lb.