In a far-off kingdom, there was a great crisis. The king had fallen ill and there was no clear heir to the throne. The kingdom was on the brink of chaos and the people were afraid. In their hour of need, a wise and powerful sorceress stepped forward. She offered to create a special crown that would endow its wearer with the qualities necessary to lead the kingdom with wisdom, charisma, and protection against poison.

The sorceress went into seclusion, deep in the forest, to create the crown. She gathered rare and powerful ingredients, including diamonds that shone like the stars and gold that gleamed like the sun. She also added a drop of her own blood, to imbue the crown with her own magic.

After many weeks of toil and sacrifice, the sorceress emerged from the forest with the Crown of Leadership. She presented it to the people of the kingdom, saying, “This crown shall endow its wearer with the wisdom to make just decisions, the charisma to inspire the people, and the protection to guard against those who would do them harm.”

The people of the kingdom were overjoyed and they elected the wisest and most just member of the royal court to wear the Crown of Leadership. From that day forward, the kingdom prospered under the wise and just rule of its new leader. The Crown of Leadership became a symbol of hope and stability, and it was passed down from generation to generation, always to the person best suited to lead the kingdom.

This is a large crown with a variety of encrusted jewels. The jewels in the crown may not be removed without destroying the crown itself. If an attempt is made to pry out a jewel, the instigator receive 2d6 points of electrical damage, no save. The crown itself does not cause any damage when touched or worn.

The wearer of this crown receives +3 wisdom and +3 charisma while the crown is worn. The wearer also gains a +2 bonus to saves made against poison.

Different versions of the crown may be created to grant different powers. For example, an orc version gives strength and charisma, a dwarf version constitution and charisma, and so on. Different versions of the crown may also contain an alignment. In such a case it will slowly alter the alignment of its wearer’s to that of the crown.