Aeridah, Sir Edwin
Gentleman, sportsman, collector, military advisor to Queen Sarichae VIII – these are the avocations that attach to the very public name of one Sir Edwin Aeridah, a man whose reputation commands respect and even reverence among the Realm’s political elite. It is this reputation that initially drew all of you to eastern Courtenay. Certainly the wedding was a social occasion not to be missed, but the possibility of an audience with Aeridah was far more irresistible. Those connected with the man have a way of finding fame, fortune, and success in whatever they pursue. You hope, by taking on the strange task Sir Edwin put before you, that you too will become one in the long line of people who have benefitted from his influence and his guidance.

Arva, Hierossene Wilhemina
Daniella’s mother, Wilhemina Arva, is a member of an elite society of arcanists which advises the Queen’s chief vizier of magic and conducts experiments into the nature of the planes. Hierossene Arva lives in Speezidivia, and is a highly respected academic.

Arvida, Lady Ella
At Mariana’s wedding, this loyal and selfless woman leapt between Michelle Loupieres and Will Price’s poison-tipped dart. Only minutes later, the poison took Arvida’s life. You knew Arvida to be the Duchess of Courtenay’s head of security and mistress-at-arms, a highly-skilled horsewoman and warrior.

“Avery and Cathill”
Among the effects stored in the chest you took from Richard Bandon was a letter addressed to a mysterious personage named “Phagus”. The letter mentioned a quantity of “texts” to be printed in Bae Cul by an establishment called “Avery and Cathill”. These are not familiar names, but you assume “Avery and Cathill” is one of the many printing houses in that large seaport.


Badditche, Admiral Rigel
Soon after you first arrived in Marvey, Crinn overheard talk of a sea battle at “The Old Transom”. This battle pitted Admiral Rigel Badditche’s 72-gun “Indomitable” and Admiral Patrick Mickles’ 72-gun “Drachonia” against three Baazdeener 48s and two 36s. The two large Rhainnish vessels were victorious, and the man relating the story speculated that the victory might discourage Fialle from entering “the fray”.

Bandon, Richard
aka “The Gray Horseman”?
You first heard Richard Bandon’s name from Captain Johns at Fort Jeunise. Bandon testified against Martin Vickers at his court marshall, and he also provided the sole piece of evidence, other than this testimony, of Vickers’ alleged desertion. Only after Crinn tracked Bandon to Krees and Keffler Paper Co. did Bandon’s role in Vickers’ troubles become completely clear. Bandon had many pages of the ship’s log that would have exonerated Vickers had they been presented at trial. After further perusing Bandon’s letters, it became clear that he had not only framed Vickers, but that Bandon, Vickers, and Price all knew each other. Bandon and Price appear to be part of a conspiracy involving the mysterious “Phagus” and members of a travelling circus. Not only that, but Crinn recognized Bandon, from both his clothes and his face, as the “Gray Horseman” who seemed to be involved with the brigands that accosted the party on their journey between Pontette and Marvey. You took Bandon back to an inn in the slums of Marvey to interrogate him further, but some of his men showed up to free him at a time when the party was split. And so Bandon still lives.

Bates, Ian
Porter and chief assistant to Sir Edwin Aeridah, it is clear that Mr. Bates is employed for more than his scrupulous attention to the master’s dunnage. Bates is a highly intelligent and sophisticated operator in the Rhainnish secret service.

Beale, Harold
aka “Harold”
Porter to Daniella Arva. Harold has travelled with the party since he arrived with Daniella at Foxden Acre for Mariana Loupiere’s wedding. Harold is a loyal older gentleman of more than 50 years.

Bebbils, Pirdy
Amiable dwarf and master Gunner of Freddy Ogutu’s merchantman, the “Porpoise”. Bebbils replaced Vickers when he died in Marvey, and he taught Daniella to use the ship’s magical cannons.

Been, Lieutenant Otto
The party first met First Lieutenant Otto Been of the 24-gun “Waves” in the diningroom of “The Sandpiper” in Marvey. Anubis spent more than one evening dining with Been and chatting amiably about naval matters. Been was the first to inform the group of the presence of a large typhoon in the middle southern latitudes of the Idombian Ocean. He also said that a number of ships expected to dock in Marvey had gone missing, including the “HMS Celerity”, missing for more than three weeks.

Beryl, Admiral Benjamin
Admiral Beryl is the senior officer for the northeastern theatre of Rhainne, from the tip of the Ruskaen peninsula in Courtenay to the edge of the Sudenwield. Beryl has his headquarters on the 72-gun flagship “Ravellia”, and splits his time between a number of forts on the east coast of Courtenay, including Marvey’s Fort Jeunise. Beryl would have been responsible for determining whether Martin Vickers would receive a pardon, had Vickers lived to see the evidence that exonerated him.

“The Brigand Leader”
Whilst travelling between Foxden Acre and Marvey with all their belongings in tow, the players were accosted by a group of highwaymen. The leader of this band approached the caravan and asked to see proof of the identity of Lucia Von Staden. Having seen the coat of arms of Lundy on the group’s coach, the man was obviously reluctant to trifle with such a potentially powerful political passenger as the daughter of Hugo Von Staden. Reluctantly, Lucia yielded up the ring she carries with the Von Staden crest. This seemed to satisfy the villain, and he and his men returned to the mountains from which they came. The identity of the men and their leader remains a mystery.

Bunting, Abel
Bunting is the manager and leader of a circus you encountered in Marvey. Lucia approached the man in his trailer to ask about a group of sea lynxes he was showing off in cages outside the circus’ main tent. After Lucia dined with Dorothy Hammonds and Agnes Seeshawn, who had purchased the Lynxes from the circus, Lucia was able to wrest the animals away from Bunting. Undernourished and partially diseased, the lynxes were faring poorly under this “businessman’s” care, and Lucia was glad to get them away from him before they died of neglect.


“Crinn’s Contact in Preen”

Corley, Bert
Proprietor and bartender of “The Old Transom” in the garrison port of Marvey, Bert Corley took a liking to Crinn as soon as he met him. Crinn soon learned that he could count on Corley’s discretion, since his pub was the location of Szicx’s numerous meetings with Freddy Ogutu.


Dashielle, Kirk
You know this name to be that of a member of the Rhainnish secret police – an agent trusted by Sir Edwin Aeridah. Once you find the former Duke of Courtenay, Aeridah’s instructions are to bring him to Bitsiche and turn him over to this agent. Other than that, you know nothing about the man named Dashielle.

deBeers, Wallis
deBeers is general counsel for the Rhainnish navy in Fort Jeunise. He defended Martin Vickers, however unsuccessfully, at his court marshall. Anubis Ochs spoke with deBeers at Fort Jeunise soon after Vicker’s alleged suicide. deBeers seemed open and honest about all facts of the case, and he even provided a writ authorizing Lieutnent Ochs to see deBeers’ body at the morgue.

Among Richard Bandon’s effects was a love letter addressed to him by a woman named “Delia”. Delia seemed to be very attached to Bandon, speculating about the possibility of their marriage and even having children together. Bandon further mentioned “Delia” in his letter to the mysterious “Phagus”, saying that her training was coming along and noting that she seemed to be taking something of a leadership role among the “tumblers” in the circus.

Dorwich, Morgan
Lady-in-waiting to Daniella Arva. Morgan’s duties include care of Miss Arva’s wardrobe and personal effects. Morgan is a giggly but shy girl of about 16 years of age.


A letter found in Richard Bandon’s footlocker mentioned a contract killer named “Efijus”. The letter seemed to imply that this personage had influence on or some relationship with “a number of weak guilds” in the area of Bae Cul, guilds that Bandon hoped to “convert”.





Gennari, Sir Alistair

Gennari, Antonio

Golding, Artemis
Artemis Golding was a man who lived in Courtenay just before the reign of the first Queen of Rhainne, Erizraiche I. In those days, Courtenay, Maynes, and Fribbishire were all separate kingdoms, and Nichodemus Sagnier ruled Courtenay. Under Sagnier, Courtenay would make the transition from being an independent kingdom to a duchy in the new and united kingdom of Rhainne. Of course, not all the people of Courtenay agreed with this decision, and a vocal band of rebellious peasants took up arms against Sagnier. Some of these men followed a charismatic farmer named Artemis Golding. Golding’s rebels were annihilated by Sagnier’s far superior force in a battle which was barely noted at the time. However, these many hundreds of years later, the story of Golding’s defeat has come to symbolize an array of discontents with the current political situation in Courtenay. To the people who remember and embellish the story of Artemis Golding, he typically embodies an idea of the purity and simplicity of agrarian life in the past, a time when Courtenay dominated her southern and northern neighbors both militarily and culturally, and a time when the role of women in society was also far different than it is in modern Rhainne. Will Price mentioned Artemis Golding’s name in a conversation with Michelle Loupieres just before he attempted to take her life.

Golding, Leah
In the legends told about Artemis Golding, his wife, Leah, figures prominently. The story has Leah, an adulterous beauty, going into her husband’s forge on the night before he is to march into battle where she proceeds to blunt his sword edge with a hammer. In her desire to marry a wealthier man with more land, she is supposed to have sent her husband against the the knights of the King of Courtenay with a nearly useless weapon, thereby insuring his death. Of course, most of the Duchy’s scholars believe the Leah stories to be apocryphal – introduced decades or even centuries after Artemis Golding’s death.

“The Goldingers”
Though many political groups in Courtenay embrace Golding, only one very troublesome group has taken his name as their own. “The Goldingers” are a large, secret society of men who seek to restore the grandeur of the old Courtenay. They openly advocate secession from the kingdom of Rhainne, and they are vehemently opposed to matriarchal rule. Their symbol is a silhouette of a woman with a hammer beating a sword.

Gracas, John
Upon arrival at “The Sandpiper”, an inn in Marvey, Daniella Arva had the chance to dance with a naval officer, one John Gracas. Gracas appeared to be a charming and handsome sailor from a well-known Fribbishire merchant family, and soon Miss Arva and the young lieutenant were making plans to attend the circus together. However, Gracas and a man named Scott Harkes soon left “The Sandpiper” to engage in fisticuffs in the street. Harkes accused Gracas of being a fraud. Despite this scene, Daniella and Gracas went ahead with their engagement and had quite a nice time at the circus. Later that evening, however, Gracas’ deception was confirmed when Captain Johns recognized him at dinner. Gracas fumbled for words and made a quick exit, leaving Daniella severely embarrassed. It turned out that Gracas was a civillian clerk in the Office of Promotions of Fort Jeunise – not even a sailor, let alone a lieutenant.

“The Gray Horseman”
“Richard Bandon”?
Between Pontette and Marvey, the caravan came upon a woodsman riding alone in a gray cloak. His dress seeemed to indicate that he was from Fribbishire, and he hailed the caravan unremarkably when it passed him on the road. However, as the wagons travelled on, Lucia caught sight of the rider signalling to the hillside with a mirror. A band of brigands immediately flew down from the hills to accost the travellers. Some days later in Marvey, the group kidnapped Richard Bandon from his bunk in a smuggler’s warehouse. His clothes were an identical match, and Crinn, the only person who had actually seen the face of “The Gray Horseman”, recognized Bandon and the woodsman as one and the same man.

Gunders, Bette
Before the wedding of Mariana Loupieres, Lucia Von Staden passed the time touring the gardens of Foxden Acre with the castle gardener, Bette Gunders. However, upon being asked to engage in a game of cards with the lady of Lundy and Bill Deagan, Bette’s embarrassment became clear. Unused to such familiarity with royalty, Bette turned three shades of red and took the soonest possible chance to leave Miss Von Staden in the garden.


Hammonds, Dorothy
At Marvey’s “Sandpiper”, Lucia Von Staden had the opportunity to dine with Dorothy Hammonds, wife of regional importer, Mitchell Hammonds. This connection came in handy later, after Luce discovered that Hammonds and her friend, Agnes Seeshawn, had purchased several sea lynxes from the circus. Soon Luce arranged to take possession of the animals so that she could return them to the Myn Forest and their natural habitat.

Hammonds, Mitchell
Husband of Dorothy Hammonds and a regional importer based in Marvey on the eastern coast of Courtenay.

Harkes, Scott
This son of a local Marvey merchant accused John Gracas of posing as a naval officer. The two men would have gotten into a fight outside “The Sandpiper” had Lucia Von Staden not intervened.

see Beale, Harold

“The Hebert Robber-Barons”

Hebert, Cary

Hebert, Haddon


Hockley, Lanny “Devilface”

Holbekker, Captain Colton

Hrondien, Lianus
Chief Arcanist of the Whiexeford Society, this mage told Vickers that he needed to see the Hierossene called Wilhemina Arva. Apparently Hrondien and Arva knew each other when they were younger.

Huggins, Dinsey
A gunner on the “Porpoise” who had befriended Vickers, he told you details of Vickers’ detention in Baazdeen’s Barkhot Prison.


Itten, Brother Simon


Johns, Captain Aidan



Kinsey, Mick

Krees, Peter



“The Librarian”


Loupieres, Michelle

Loupieres, Phillipe

Loupieres Mauriset, Mariana


Mauriset, Leon

Mickles, Admiral Patrick

see Dorwich, Morgan



Ochs, Admiral Herbert

Ogutu, Freddy


“The Partridge”


Pinnell, Goldie

Puddlegum, Fader

Price, William




Roald, Whitney


Sagnier, Nicholas

Sarichae VIII

Seeshawn, Agnes

Seeshawn, Laurence

Shelley, Corrigan

Shelley, Captain Linwood

Sidney, Kurt




“The Three Fish”


“The Tumblers”



Uo, Goddess of Pleasure


Valmis, Reese

Vickers, Martin Hale

Von Staden, Hugo

Von Staden, Katriona


Whaley, Captain Lawrence