This rock is quite large and heavy (40lb). From afar it looks like any normal rock but when examined more closely a picture of a large flightless bird can be seen carved into the side.

Each rock is associated with a command phrase that activates it. The owner can specify the rock to attack any creature within an assigned range from the rock. Race, size, and a pass phrase may be specified to the rock. It can detect beings the same way a man can see. Invisible creatures will pass the rock undetected.

When a creature that fits the owner’s description and does not speak the pass phrase comes within the protected area the rock will rise up and launch itself at the intruder. It has a BAB of +10 and inflicts 2d6 points of damage when it hits. It may attack once a round. The rock has a hardness of 8 and hit points of 30.

History: Tired of having his garden vandalized and torn apart by goblins, Zanthius created the bird rock to scare off, more like kill, any goblins that raided his garden. Needless to say his problem went away as the goblins felt the garden was protected by spirits.

Creation: animate any object, telekinesis, the blood of a vulture, and the fingernail of a stone giant.