The Problem:

I have noticed that some of the newer gamers to D&D have some problems with alignment. So we have put together this simple list of explainations that will appeal to the experienced roleplayer and the power gamer alike. It describes each alignment to its fullest feature and basic pronciple at the same timein the terms of “kill”. Well at the very least you will get a laugh.

I’ll kill you because…

Lawful Good: you look evil, you stinkin’ orc!.

Chaotic Good: you are evil.

Neutral Good: you did something evil.

Lawful Neutral: you broke the law.

Neutral: you just tried to kill me.

Chaotic Neutral: its tuesday.

Neutral Evil: I want that nice sword you have.

Chaotic Evil: I’ll get this tingly sensation in the back of my spine, OOooooo.

Lawful Evil: your interfering with my conquest of the world.