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Heroforge 3.0 program specifically for Dragonlance, but useable with other campaigns. Modified for 3.5E Druids and Rangers. (ZIP 2M) by Jocelyn William All Feats (WOTC) (ZIP 689 Kb) goes with the one below
Advancement History for PCs (ZIP 13Kb) by Wiebe Haanstra
All Feats as of 5/6/2003 (ZIP 374 Kb) by Ken Stanford
Collection of New Feats (Not WOTC) (ZIP 17 Kb)
Compiled list of all feats for 3.5E by Ken Stanford (ZIP 284Kb)
Monte Cook List of 8 new feats
Epic Divine Feats
Equipment Generator by Robert Adducci (ZIP 506Kb)
Feats Prerequisite (ZIP 28 Kb)
Netbook of Feats #6 (ZIP 4.8 Mb) or TXT version
New 3E Weapons#1 (ZIP 56 Kb) by Victor Buccieri
New 3E Weapons#2 (ZIP 56 Kb) by Victor Buccieri
New Feats #1 (ZIP 64 Kb)
New Feats #2 (ZIP 64 Kb)
New Feats #3 (ZIP 64 Kb)
New Feats (ZIP 65 Kb) by Dante Buccieri
PC Generator (ZIP 405 Kb)
PC Generator
PC Portraits
Psionic Feats #1 WOTC
Psionic Feats #2 WOTC
Psionic Feats #3: The Battle of the Mind WOTC
Psionic powers
(ZIP 228 Kb)
Psionic Power Sheet by ? (ZIP 12K)
Wild Magic: Sean Reynolds.com
Spell Planning Sheet 3.5E by Steven LeRoy (ZIP 61Kb)
Spell/Turning Sheet (ZIP 7k Excel)
Wizard Spell List (multiple sources) (ZIP 594Kb) by Erik Freeman


Art Gallery from WOTC
Combat Reference Sheet (ZIP 58 Kb) for 3E
Critical Hit and Fumble Table (ZIP 267 Kb)
Critical Hit and Fumble Table 2 by Lance Kepner & Earle Teagarden
(ZIP 79 Kb)
Hybrids, playing half-something in 2E D&D (ZIP 11 Kb)
Monster Manual II Art Gallery
Name Generator
Paladin Spells in 3.5E (ZIP 157Kb) by Ken Stanford
Player/DM Reference Sheets (ZIP 105 Kb)
PC Spell Sheets for each class (ZIP 269 Kb))
Spell Reference Sheets (ZIP 809 Kb)
Wheel of Time RPG Mega Art Gallery
Wild Psionic Talents for 3E (ZIP 6 Kb)
WOTC Archive

Adom: Cool text adventure game that always changes. Similar to Zork but building a PC is based on questions and there are many characteristics.
A Paladin in Hell A cool little game ZIP 581Kb

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