By Robert Lutein
 School  Trans.
 Elem. (Water)

   With this spell the caster becomes water
vapor for the duration of the spell. The caster may move 10′
a round, unless aided by some wind. He may not cast spells,
or attack. He is subject to magical attacks such as fireball
or lightning bolt or any other magical damage spell.
Water based attacks do nothing to the caster, including water

   The caster can magically see what is around
him and can tell where he is going. With this he is also still
subject to a gaze attack. A successful gaze attack will revert
the caster to his original form and have its effect.

   In the water the caster may move 60′ a
round and becomes invisible.

 Level  3 Drd, Rgr,  Wiz,
 Components  V,S
 Range  touch
 Target  self only
 Duration  1m / lvl
 Save  No
 Resistance  No