Plague Were
Hit Dice 2E/3E 2+2 / 2d8+4

Plague weres are a special curse upon the planet brought forth by certain particularly"blessed" priests. These are priests belonging to a god of disease and poisons.

   These poor creatures are created through a fast
acting lycanthropy disease. The disease is passed into food or water
through a modified purify food and water spell.

   Plague weres exist only to kill and eat. They
are bound to serve the one who created them however. Whatever intelligence
they used to have is destroyed and they operate on a near animal
level. They will attack anything in their path only retreating when
pain overwhelms their killer instinct.

Note: Unlike normal werewolves, plague weres never change
back to a human shape even after death.

Special Abilities: Plague Weres can leap up to 20′ across
or 10′ up with no running room. They have exceptional sense of smell,
also those bitten by a plague were may become infected if they do
not make a CON check at -1 for every damage point taken. they can
trip as werewolf MM221.

Special Defenses:Plague Weres have the same defenses as
Werewolves, immunity to normal weapons (2E only) or a DR of 15 (3E).

Armor Class
8 / 12 (+2 DEX)
Movement 2E/3E 12" / 30′
Initiative +2; +4 (+2 DEX, +4 Imp.
Face/Reach 4′
2E THAC0 / Attacks 19 / 3
3E Attack Bonus +4/+4/+3
Damage 1d4/1d4/1d6 (3E +2 STR)
Special Attacks disease
Special Defense silver or +1 (3E 15 DR)
Magic Resistance none
Size M 5′-6′
Moral 19
Alignment Chaotic Evil
XP 175
Stats Skill/Feat
STR 14 Hide
Listen +14
Move Silently +4
Search +8
Spot +14
  Lore +0
INT 10
WIS 10
DEX 15
CON 15
CHA 10
COM 10
For Save +7
Ref Save +5
Wil Save +2