Maeldrun’s Magi Wall
By Alex Dominguez
 School  Abj.

   This spell creates a translucent sphere
of magical protection around the caster that moves along with
her. The magi wall is composed of highly concentrated
inner planar magic from one inner plane. The intensity is
so strongly focused that no other inner planar energy type
can pass thru or be cast within the sphere.

   So if the wall created is charged with
planar fire, no magic with any other elemental description
may pass through the wall. (Cone of cold does no damage, lightning
bolt does no damage, etc.) However, magic that is of the same
type as the wall is not hampered by it, and is in fact strengthened
giving the caster a -2 on any applicable saves. So in the
same fire based wall, a fireball spell would affect the wizard
and apply a -2 save penalty.

   Also magic with no elemental descriptor
ignores the shield, so a magic missile or desintegrate would
do damage, but with no -2 save penalty. This spell does not
protect against physical attacks. Spells of any elemental
type other than the one the wall has taken on can not be cast
out of the wall by the affected wizard either. The type of
wall is always random upon each casting of the spell, and
the magi wall can be dropped by the caster at will, (but not
temporarily as to allow a friend to cast healing magic on
the caster.) This spell also hedges out elementals from any
inner plane other than the type of the sphere, and provides
100% protection fron natural elemental effects of all but
the wall’s type for the duration of the spell.

Use the following table to determine the type of wall upon
casting and sphere’s color:

Magi Wall Table, use d6

1. Red: fire elemental plane
2. Green: water elemental plane
3. Blue: air elemental plane
4. Brown: earth elemental plane
5. Black: negative elemental plane
6. White: positive elemental plane

 Level  1 Wiz, Sor
 Components  V,S
 Range  0
 Target  Self
 Duration  1 r / lvl
 Save  No
 Resistance  Yes