Savage Coast (ZIP 577 Kb)



Forward by Trav, the author

The Savage Coast was one of the most original campaign settings ever created for the Dungeons & Dragons game, and my gaming group greatly enjoyed the swashbuckling, European-style adventuring in a cursed paradise. When we decided to adopt the 3rd Edition Rules system for our gaming sessions (largely because of the new character classes and feats), we ran into an interesting problem with game balance. This document was written from the original Savage Coast documents posted on the Wizards of the Coast website, and changes were made as needed to bring the balance and order from the Savage Coast to the 3rd Edition game world.

Here you will find the rules we created for Legacies, Afflictions, and other related aspects of the Savage Coast game world. It is by no means perfect, and there may be several errors throughout the document that might need correction (after all, I haven’t had a chance to test every single one of the 80 different Legacies).

The Curse and the Legacies

The most important addition to the rules for this setting are those concerning the Red Curse. Because the curse is still very much a mystery to the inhabitants of the Savage Coast, release of the information in this chapter to players should be carefully controlled.

Though the Red Curse is potentially devastating, ways have been found to channel its magical energies; to some individuals the curse is almost a blessing. The Savage Coast is also home to two unique magical substances, vermeil and cinnabryl, and the latter can be used for protection from the Red Curse.

This chapter details the Red Curse and its origins, the magical substances of the region, the acquisition of Legacies, and the Legacies themselves.

Basic Effects of the Curse

The fundamental effects of the Red Curse are twofold. First, every person who spends time in the cursed area begins to manifest an extraordinary, magical power, known as a Legacy. Second, if preventative measures are not taken, the affected individual usually suffers a change in physical appearance and an attribute loss. Various side effects of the Red Curse exist. For most people, the acquisition of a Legacy means a loss of health, degeneration of mental or physical prowess, and other equally unpleasant physical manifestations.

For example, someone who receives a Legacy of great strength might gain it only in one arm, which could grow to huge proportions, leaving the rest of the body relatively normal. At the same time, the person would lose Intelligence, forgetting those things once learned and possibly even losing the ability to learn.

However, the magical substance cinnabryl prevents the worst effects of the curse, while allowing individuals to enjoy the benefits. Cinnabryl and other magical substances are used to manipulate the curse’s magic to beneficial purposes, even allowing some people to gain more than one Legacy.

Origins of the Curse

No mortal is completely sure of the Red Curse’s origins. Indeed, many people search for its cause, sure that once it is found, the curse can be lifted. However, many people enjoy the benefits of the curse, from the personal Legacies it gives them to the chaos it imposes on the region, allowing a clever person to rise to great power.

Following are a few commonly held theories concerning the origins of the curse. Each of these circulates the region periodically as legend, but sages study them all.