Shadow Ball
by Victor Buccieri
 School Evo. [Force]

   A ball of pure darkness and energy shoots
forth from between the palms of your hands and travels in
a straight line going straight through the first five creatures
in its path, dealing each of them 2d6 damage. The shadow ball
is an automatic hit. The shadow ball dissipates after hitting
its fifth target or reaching the end of its range. Every creature
that the shadow ball hits must make a Fortitude save (spell
caster’s save DC against 4th level spells) or suffer an extra
1d8 cold damage.

 Level 4 Sor, Wiz
 Destruc. 4
 Components V,S
 Casting Time 1
 Range Medium (100 ft. +
 10 ft/level)
 Target Up to five creatures

 who are in a straight
 Duration Instantaneous
 Save Fortitude negates
  cold damage
 Resistance No