Warzbach’s Animated Weapon
 School  Conj.
When casting this spell the wizard brings forth a shapeless and invisible force wielding a weapon to fight by his side. The weapon can be a footman’s mace, long sword, or small spear. The only thing that can be seen, and attacked, is the weapon wielded by the warrior. At casting the wizard chooses what weapon he wishes to bring forth. The animated weapon attacks as a fighter of the casters level at +1 to hit and damage. The weapon can affect creatures then require magic weapons to hit them. It gets 1d4+1 hit points per level of the caster and has AC 6 (AC 14 3E). Once the weapons hit points go to 0 the weapon vanishes. Only one weapon may be summoned at a time. A version of the appropriate weapon is needed to summon the animation.
 Level  3 Sor, Wiz
 Components  V,S,M
 Range  10 feet
 Target  1 weapon
 Duration  1r / lvl
 Save  No
 Resistance  Yes