This ring was created by a tribunal of drow mages, enchanted to be easily found by an owner to deceive. It was once a gift to drow noble that had fallen out of graces with the other houses. His death was made to seem as an accident. He drowned bathing in a underground stream.

The ring is a blue pearl set in a twisted silver band, and appears at all tests to be a magic ring that grants +10 to swim checks, however the ring actually grants that bonus 50% of the time, otherwise it gives a -10. Whenever a swim check is made, the first round in the water and once every 5 rounds afterwards, a d% is rolled to determine if the ring will give +10 or -10 to swim checks. The ring currently lies at the bottom of a lake, on the finger of the skeleton of Timothy the Lucky, whose luck ran out in the middle of a swim. Once the true nature of the ring is discovered, it can be easily removed, unlike some cursed items.

Market Value: 1000 gp
Required: Forge Ring, Bestow Curse