The party leaves the city of Laribus and journeys to Landover meet with Charilus. The trip is mostly uneventful but on the third day out the party has to maneuver around an overturned turnip wagon. When the party is only a few hours out of Landover they run into an ambush of Baron Ganth’s men.

The ambush is laid out quite simply, a scout is watching the road for the parties progress from a nearby hill. When he spies a likely group he signals the ambush party and rides down to them. When the players comes around a bend in the road they see its blocked off up ahead by a dozen armed men on horseback, including Dylan. They do not have weapons out but look hostile, Dylan assumes the party will just surrender in the face of opposition.

When the party rides closer, say within 50 yards, they may notice a group of 6 crossbow men slightly concealed in a copse of trees about 20 yards off the road. They are slightly forward of Dylan’s position.

None of the men will attack till Dylan gives the order, unless the players attack first that is. Dylan will call out to the party to surrender themselves and any of the masks. When they refuse he gets angry and threatens them with death, then of course he orders the attack.

The horsemen will wait for the crossbow men to fire if possible, then they draw swords and charge the party. Dylan will attempt to engage whoever has insulted him the most or whoever has a visible mask on. Dylan will retreat almost as soon as he is wounded but will not order his men to retreat till the fight is obviously lost. If unable to get away Dylan will beg for his life promising to intervene on their behalf with the baron.

The Ambush Party:

Horsemen: 11-2nd level warriors, AC 4 (AC 16 3E), hp 14 (hp 20 3E). Each equipped with long sword, chainmail, shield, and a riding horse. Each warrior has 2d4 gp. on him

Crossbow Men: 6-2nd level warriors AC 7 (AC 13 3E) hp 12 (hp 16 3E). Each equipped with studded leather armor, short sword, light crossbow, case with 15 bolts. Each warrior also has 2d4 gp.

See NPCs for Dylan’s Stats: He is mounted on a light war-horse. Nearby is the ambush party’s camp, various tents, cooking pots etc., are all here. There are 4 noncombatant attendants, 0 levels. If coerced they will reveal that Dylan keeps a strongbox in his tent to pay the men. They also mention they have been here several days. Inside Dylan’s tent and under his cot is a locked strongbox (key on Dylan) containing the payroll of 100 gp. After this incident the players will ride into Landover without further incident.