The party with Omar will reach Landover without any further incident. Omar will suggest cleaning up a bit before meeting with Charilus. He will volunteer to see if any healing can be done for the PC’s, mentioning that Charilus will take care of the cost.

When the party arrives at the inn Charilus will already be seated and looking annoyed. He looks impatient and as soon as they arrive he asks after the mask. Omar will attempt to intercede and explain how the mask was stolen. Charilus will nearly explode with anger blaming the party’s incompetence and even going so far as to question their honesty. Just when things are about to blow up a soft hand touches Charilus shoulder and a feminine voice gently rebukes him to “allow these folk to retain their good temperament.”

Charilus introduces his granddaughter Elan a priestess of (insert local deity of luck and good fortune here).

Elan takes a seat and introduces herself to the party. She is dressed in a long yellow dress with the symbol of her god embroidered into small marks on the hem of her dress. She has long back-length blond hair and green eyes.

Elan has a calming effect on Charilus, she apologizes for him and tries to explain his and her position. Charilus and Elan, with Omar interjecting, explain about the masks.

After explaining, Elan will ask the PC’s if they would consider helping them look for the masks. She tells of her fears for the ways they will be used, and that they know of others seeking the masks. She includes Baron Ganth, an evil man who would use the masks to further his own power. Charilus will mention that other,darker powers may also be seeking the masks.

If the party agrees, Elan states she will accompany them, over Charilus protests. Charilus informs them that he has narrowed the search area on one masks down to the eastern mountains, unfortunately that’s as close as he can get. He then suggests that the PCs head to the village of King’s Reach. There they may mount an expedition and ask the locals for information. Charilus will fund the expedition but only give the money to his granddaughter and not to the PCs.