Hide Life
By Big Bad Boris
 School  Necr.

   You isolate your life force in one single
part of the body, typically the little fingeron the left hand.
You can then remove this part and store it in some safe place.
Once the spell takes effect, you can no longer be killed by
ordinary means: If damage or a spell effect would normally
render you disabled, dying, or dead, you ignore the usual
effects. Instead, you are staggered for that round (only able
to take partial actions).

   While this spell is in effect, if you
would otherwise be disabled or dying, you do not lose hit
point total. Each time you take a blow to place you at -10
hit points or below you are instead staggered for that round
and go back to 1 hit point.

If the hidden body part is ever destroyed, the spell is
broken and your life force return to the body, if one exists.
If not the caster dies.

Only the sheer destruction of the body by dismemberment would
destroy it. Once the time expires the soul returns to the
body and the member withers and dies.

Material Componen: A small sickle made of the purest
silver, which you use to detach the body part to be stored.
XP Cost: 5,000 XP.

 Level  9 Sor, Wiz
 Components  V,S,M,XP
 1d / lvl
 Range  0
 Target  Self
 Duration  1d / lvl
 Save  No
 Resistance  No