History: The Orb of Ba’shee is a artifact from one of the first races to inhabit the Daedlands, in the years before the Falling of the Stars. The orb is reportedly the prison of the great necromancer Ba’shee soul, banished from the daedlands long before the fall of the last elven empire. Tales exsist that Ba’shee attempted to create lichhood by infusing all of his mortal power into this orb, while a priest of the great god of death and undeath chanted his unholy spells to seal the spirit inside, and therefore grant him immortality.

However, the fates had a different plan for the complex ritual, and Ba’shee was fully consumed by the magic, destroying his body and mind, while trapping his soul in the crystaline orb. The priest overseeing the ritual fled, fearing for his own life, allowing each of the four other priests deep in thier chants to be consumed. Sowly, this orb started draining the life out of every living thing, be it plant or animal. The empires were thrown into war because of the fear this orb inspired, leading to the event known only as the falling of the stars, where the heavens themselves seemed to open up and spit out the fowlest of demonkind and the most holy of angels, to do battle across the forests of the empire.

Almost three hundred years has passed since the falling, and the Daedlands are still blighted by the power of this orb. Adventuring parties report hearing the groans and moans of dying soldiers from within the Great Temple of the Lost City, and reports still heard of soldiers left where they were, thier bodies in a constant limbo of life and death.

Abilities: This orb can cast the following spells at will: Animate Dead, Create Undead, Animate Object, Create Greater Undead, Disintegrate, Dimentional Door, Quest. The orb emits a field of unlife. It is not as strong as it was when the orb came into existence. The orb will drain life from living beings around it.

For every day spent within 10′ of the orb a living creature will age seven.
For every day spent within 20′ of the orb a living creature will age three.
For every day spent within 40′ of the orb a living creature will age two.

DMs should have players notive hair growth, nail growth, and other afflictions that come with age.

This orb will usually be surrounded by undead as its power still destroys life around it

This Item is immune to heat, cold, electricity, acid, and no spell short of a wish cast at the same time as a disintegration spell, or a greater wish can destroy it.