This gem is from an unknown origin and resembles the beryl in its properties. First word of this item was discovered within an ancient rotten text found by the mage researcher Omin Trejas during an excavation. Only a couple pages mentioning the Diadochus were needed to catch Omin’s eye. He discovered the Diadochus is used for divination and gaining information to questions unknown to man. This intrigued Omin since his work was much about the ancients and the unexplained.

Through various magical lores Omin discovered its use and a danger to the device. Its power comes from the underworld as answers are gained through demonic knowledge. Omin used the Diadochus many times during a five month period uncovering knowledge that would take years to discover, but never its past. Omin deduced it was probably made by a now dead mage a long time ago.

On one evening Omin prepared for the gem’s use in haste and served his own demise as he unleashed the demons within the gem. The surrounding town he was a part of was ravaged with horrors and destruction even orcs could not conceive of. All of the townsfolk were mutilated and contorted in such a fashion unbearable to the human eye. All that was left of Omin was his tongue with the gem resting within it.

Abilities: When the gem is thrown into pure water it reveals the demons it communes with for answers. Upon saying the command word the gem acts as an augury spell once per day. If the gem is placed within the user’s mouth and the proper phrase spoken the full power of the gem can be used. It will act as a commune spell 3 times a day in this fashion consulting the demons for answers. Special precations must be taken when using the gem. At any single use of its full power there is a 3% cumulative chance that the demon answering the question will discover the location of the user. He will then come forth to the user’s plane of existance to exact vengence for disturbing him.