This slim 14″ wand is carved from ebony and inlaid with a streak of mithril. Carved upon its surface are the Dwarven runes for gold, gems, mithril, and silver.

The wand was created at the behest of Gimir Ironheart, head of the Ironheart Mining clan. Gimir desired a wand to help him discover veins of precious metals and gems, so his clan would gain in prominence. Rivals heard of Gimir’s success at finding mining opportunities that Others passed over and became jealous. Eventually he was murdered by an angry rival who had discovered the wand’s secret. The wand has passed from owner to owner eventually causing them sorrow when others learned of its abilities.

Abilities: This wand has a 100 yard radius range. It pulses in the wielder’s hand and points to a mass of gold, gems, mithril, or silver no less than 1 pound in weight. However the wielder can concentrate on a specific metal or gem type and the wand will point to that. When the wand has found a target it makes a “ding” sound. Each operation uses one charge and it lasts for 30 minutes.

Command Phrase: “fortune’s favor, fortune’s heart, find for me the fortune I crave”.