A few hundred years ago the arch-mage Vothra was known for his ability to understand magic beyond his peers. Vothra, ever so paranoid of other mages, built a secret dungeon away from society and the prying eyes of other wizards. It was called “The Lair of Secrets” by his fellow spell casters. Here he developed his spells and constructs.

Vothra created the Himbda, or “The Sleeping Souls”, to protect his dungeon from intruders. These were made from the souls of those that trespassed. Only one person managed to find there way into the dungeon and escape with some scrolls, an amulet, and their life. Vothra caught up with this small thief and promptly disposed of him, but only after the rogue sold the scrolls he found.

In the end the Himbda turned on Vothra and destroyed him. He had summoned too many to control. Ironically Vothra’s Lair of Secrets was forgotten out of fear and a rumored horrible curse to those that even speak of it. None that went there ever lived long if they came back at all.

Abilities: The scroll is used to create a Himbda creature to serve its master. The spell requires a life to be sacrificed during the incantation of the spell.

Each year that passes there is a cumulative 1 in 20 chance that the summoned Himbda under the wizard’s control turn on him and attempt to destroy him. If one Himbda turns on its caster, all of them do. Vothra did not realize that when he designed the spell.

The spell can be copied but it may not be cast without the proper materials. A special parchment made from the victim’s skin or the skin of another Himbda is required in order to use the spell properly.

If the spell is read on regular spell parchment, from memory, or a spell book the writings will disintegrate and the wizard must make a save vs spell (3E Fort Save) or wither and die. The spell does not reveal what material is required to make the scrolls but the wizard will notice the parchment is different, if it is found in its scroll form. With proper divination spells the wizard can discover the spell’s secret.

Suggestions: PCs might cast a few divination spells to find out what the source of the scroll is can lead to many things. This could be the clue toward a new adventure for PCs. The PCs searching for his lost tomb. Finding out that others are trying to make Himbda creatures, which is not a moral action. Or your own personal bodyguard.