The witch doctor from the Tribe of the Flaming Skull made the magical item from the finger bones of the famous orc warrior Hirtak, who was claimed to kill over 100 elves. The orcs believe that the hand that slain so many elves must have the wisdom and strength to lead their tribe to conquest.

With the divine power of the bones the tribe was very successful raiding and pillaging their local area. It was called the “reign of much loot” by many orcs. A small group of hired elite adventures was eventually hired and killed the tribe’s leaders and ended many months of terror in the area. Many of the tribes non-warrior types escaped though.

The tribe scattered after their defeat taking the prized bones with them. No one knows or has seen the bones since the tribe’s defeat. The orcs seem to have moved to another more prosperous land.

Abilities: These are a small collection of dried finger bones from the warrior Hirtak that used for divination. The bones can only be cast by a player that can use divine spells. Casting the bones and expending a charge allows the user to find if an action will bring harmful or beneficial results. This is exactly the same at the cleric spell Augury, cast as if by a 10th level cleric. After all charges are expended the bones become non-magical. The bones can have at most 25 charges.

Creation: Caster level: 10, prerequisites: Craft wondrous item, Augury. Market price: 6,375 GP. Weight 1/4 pound

Note: If the DM wishes when the last charge is used the soul of Hirtak is released from the item. It is possible Hirtak’s destiny is not yet complete on the world of orcs and might be inclined to attempt to take its previous owner’s body (as per the spell magic jar).