The blowgun is created by the Drow of the Underdark to further serve the wishes of Lolth. It is a hollow wooden tube about a foot in length. Mystic runes combined with etched spider webs decorate the outside of the tube.

Abilities: The blowgun can be used by all classes. When a charge is expended the user can blow on the tube and shoot a hairy wad up to 20 feet. This wad will grow to be a monstrous spider in 1 round. The user may then give one attack command to the spider. After the original attack target is slain, or if no attack command is given, the spider will continue to attack as it sees fit. The spider will remain permanently and will attack and act as a normal monstrous spider would. The blowgun can only be used twice in any one day. To determine the size of the monstrous spider created, roll on the following table of a d10 and consult the monster manual. The blowgun can have at most 25 charges

Summoning Table: D10
1-2: Medium-size Monstrous Spider (5 feet diameter, HD 2d8 + 2)
3-7: Large Monstrous Spider (10 feet diameter, HD 4d8 + 4)
8-9: Huge Monstrous Spider (15 feet diameter, HD 10d8 + 10)
10: Gargantuan Monstrous Spider (20+ feet diameter, HD 24d8 + 24)*
*If a gargantuan spider is created, the blowgun cannot be used again that day.
Creation: Caster Level 12, prerequisites, Craft wondrous item, Summon monster VI, must be a loyal worshiper of Lolth. Market price 30,000 GP. Weight 1 lb.