The Net Book of Plots, Volume 1-6 (ZIP 301Kb)

The Net Book of Plots, HTML version Volume 1-6 (ZIP 580 Kb)


Plots of genre “Any”
Unknown Protection
What have you got?
Who is Who?
Improvised Defenses
Collection of VERY short descriptions
Find the Right Man
The Election
Riddle Maps
The Sage’s Plan
Protect the Ambassador
The Queen’s Beau
What happened?
The Ship of Fools
The Book
Meet Your Enemies
Faction War
Not All Be Changed
The Army Needs You
Caravan Raids
Misplaced Poison
A Dangerous One Night Stand
Gold Transport
Short plots
Treasure Inn
Talk about it startups
Friendly startup
Group Creation startup
Treasure Map
Kings choice startup
New employer startup
“Wrong Company” Startup
Bail with hooks startup
Startup Ideas
Shipwreck Startup
Mini-adventure Startup
Going into retirement – interview the new boys startup
Hometown destruction Startup
Island shipwreck Startup
Murder Mystery Startup
Scott’s Startups
Team Spirit Reference Startup
The Crucible
Insane companions
Community service
Dyed in the wool
Curious book
“Every Which Way But Loose”
The Party
Missing Person File
Assassins at Pumpkin time
My god is more omnipotent then your god…
Strike force
Crime war
Hot property
You drank what?!
Old Notes
Staggered Time Startup
The Cost of Doing Business
Zombie City (AD&
A Rocky Start (AD&
Rich Dead Dad (AD&
Evening of Terror (AD&
Hopeless Wind (AD&
October Fest (AD&
King for a day (AD&
Fake property (AD&
Adventures at Sea
Plots of genre “Cyberpunk”
Jericho Jones and Kruger Bioprime
Secret Nation
UFO Conspiracy
Taken in
Good Cops
Plots of genre “Fantasy”
The Bankrupt Alchemist
The Punished Thief
What have you got?
The Renegade Wizard
Good Lich vs. Evil Lich
The False Good Lich
The Absent Minded Wizard
The Insane Dragon
The Lich vs. Evil
The Magic Dwindles
The Wizard’s Game
The Mages’ Contest
Good or Bad?
The Witch’s Love
The Robbed Mages
The Gauntlet of Grummsh
The Dragon and the Gate
The Lost Drow
The White Stone
Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
Curse of the Incontinent Dragon
The Dragon’s Forest
The False Dragon
Double Conspiracy
Tower Snatch
A Portal to Gamma World
Give it back!
Acquainted With the Night
The Elven Relative
Sword Of Kadorn
Time War
Find the Lord
The Hide of Harker
Puff the Magic Dragon
Artifact Search
The Obsidian Castle
Large Hideous Monsters
The Jewels of the Castle
Lizards everywhere
Bring in (temple) auditors
Misplaced Poison
Stuck with the ancestors
Will the REAL John Smith please drop dead?
Magna Carta? Not with this emperor!
The Wayward Princess and the Church of Evil
Honor Among Thieves
Temple Raid
Map of the Magician’s Lair
Bandit chase for a fistful of taxes…
An Air of Distrust
Ship of Undead
Treasure Inn
We Go To War
Becoming A Tribal Warrior
“Wolves” On The Pass
Defending The Coast
Travelling Companions
On the Road you meet… The question
“On the road you meet…” HMD
“On the Road you meet…” JSN
“On the Road you meet…” CH
“On the Road you meet…” JW
“On the Road you meet…” TM
“On the Road you meet…” SZ
“On the Road you meet…” SP
“On the Road you meet…”
“On the Road you meet…” TWW
“On the Road you meet…” BJD
“On the Road you meet…” CGP
So where are we… and who are you…?
Grishnak the Merciless
The Borrowers re-visited
Sutekh and Adaz move house or Real Estate, cheap. Adventurer’s Dream
The Changeling Curse
Sheep killer
The Alchemist’s Palafitte
The Forgetful Queen
“The room grows misty…” startup
Adventurer’s children startup
Kings choice startup
New employer startup
Wadda yer mean “Are we monsters?”…
Lost in a dungeon startup
Volunteers? Startup
Escape from slavery Startup
Country boys Startup
Awoken from stasis
Evil character startup
Save the clan startup
Convict company startup
Going into retirement – interview the new boys startup
Rescue from Darklands
Empire’s Edge
Get the Acid
You call this government?
Holy water
Magic toys
Haunted item
Wyrd Witch
Pick Pockets
Ethnic Cleansing
Demon or not Demon, that is the question
The Magical Land of Ith
Starting out in OverEarth
No Honour among Thieves
A ship of fools
Returned veterans
“Save the good dragon from the evil princess- pt1”
“Save the good dragon from the evil princess- pt2”
Behold Such Beauty
Fortress of the Sender
A Royal Murder
Home of the Happy Hobbit
All the pretty ladies…
An Ogre by Any other Name
Dish du Jour: Magic!
Evils’ Puppet
Growing evil
Troublesome Artefact
Dwarven treasures?
Spot the artefact
All in days work…
Beat the wicked wizard
Fetch back that item
Secure that lock on Hell
Undisturbed title?
Out, out cursed spot..
You call this shelter?
Goblin war
Time after time
Waking dragons
Extraplanar master
The Tarathan
Musketter Land
The Quest For The Magnus Lexrota (summary)
The Quest For The Magnus Lexrota (Campaign)
Beast Law
Get Out of Town!!
On the Run
Port of Death (The Plague: Part 1)
Dragon Island (The Plague: Part 2)
Raid on Rokin (The Rokin Chronicles, Part 1)
Words of War (The Rokin Chronicles, Part 2)
Star of the Prophet (The Rokin Chronicles, Part 3)
Havoc’s Day (The Rokin Chronicles, Part 4)
A Mission in Late December
Ambush at the Toll Bridge
Wyvern Hunt
Campaign Ideas For Middle-Ages Europe
Run for your life!!!!!!!
A Missing Heir (AD&
A Squire’s Message (AD&
Adventure (AD&
A Summoned Party (AD&
A Dangerous Cave (AD&
Magical Item-Stealing Cult (AD&
Dragon Strike (AD&
Adventure Anthology (AD&
Competition! (AD&
Gnome Attack (AD&
Crusades (AD&
Un-Identified Driving Object (AD&
Amazing Discovery (AD&
Shrunken Party (AD&
Psionicist (AD&
Trick or Treat (AD&
Arson (AD&
Hole (AD&
Winter Stalker (AD&
Dungeon crawl starter (AD&
Malister (AD&
The wishing room (AD&
Crash! (AD&
Hostage (AD&
Treasure (AD&
The lost sword of Palaodrin (AD&
Princess trapped in tall castle (AD&
Moving Hole (AD&
Oh my GOD, it’s BUNNIES!!! (AD&
A “magic” weapon (AD&
Hall of Tiamet (AD&
A Party Starter (AD&
Non-Monster Wilderness Encounters 1 (News)
Non-Monster Wilderness Encounters 2 (News)
Non-Monster Wilderness Encounters 3 (News)
Non-Monster Wilderness Encounters 4 (News)
Non-Monster Wilderness Encounters 5 (News)
Non-Monster Wilderness Encounters 6 (News)
Non-Monster Wilderness Encounters 7 (News)
Non-Monster Wilderness Encounters 8 (News)
Non-Monster Wilderness Encounters 9 (News)
Non-Monster Wilderness Encounters 10 (News)
Non-Monster Wilderness Encounters 11 (News)
Daggers’ Tears
Three Witches
Paladin’s Dark Day…
Dragon’s Wishes
Bottle in the Sea
Plots of genre “Horror”
The False Vampire
Ashburn Man
The House of Raushof Gollenbacher
Stuck with the ancestors
Haunted item
A ship of fools
A Mansion Tale
Out, out cursed spot..
The Ghost House (AD&
Plots of genre “Magic”
An Ogre by Any other Name
Plots of genre “New Age”
Time War
Plots of genre “Paranoia”
Have Fun
Plots of genre “Sci-Fi”
A Portal to Gamma World
Dandelion Party
Make Judgement by Their Rules
Rescue from Water World
Magna Carta? Not with this emperor!
Misplaced journeys in time and space
Space Metal Missing
Wierdness in Klingon Space
The Borrowers re-visited
Secret Nation
You call this government?
Plots of genre “Western”
The Isabel Piece