These weapons are designed primarily for characters of a less than honorable profession, after all these weapons are taken from a ‘sneak-them-up’ style game. They can however be used by anyone who is proficient with a bow and has a ranged attack bonus of +4. The prices shown are for a single arrow and the weights for 10 arrows. See the weapon descriptions below the table for more information on each weapon.

Weapon Cost per Hit Range Weight
Water Arrow 2 gp -4 -20 ft 1 lb
Rope Arrow 3 gp -4 -20 ft 2 lb
Gas Arrow 5 gp -2 -20 ft 1/2 lb
Fire Arrow 1 gp -2 -5 ft 1/2 lb

Water Arrows
Water arrows are made from a seaweed pod that is normaly filled with air to keep the plant floating on the surface. This pod is then filled with water through a hole in the base and a thin arrow shaft inserted. The base of the shaft is then coated with tar to secure the water which will be released from the arrow when it strikes something. The arrow is best used for puting out torches and other burning objects. It is also useful against creatures such as fire wolves or fire elementals, where it can be used as a weapon as apposed to a tool. It is not re-usable once used even if the pod is refilled as the structure of the pod is broken upon impact.

Rope Arrows
Rope arrows have a silk rope that unfurls from inside the arrows shaft when it hits a surface. The rope is a strengthened silk and can hold a total weight of 40lb per rope. The rope unfurls to a length of 30ft. The arrow is not re-usable.

Gas Arrows
Gas arrows are constructed of a bamboo shaft tiped with a specialy made glass tip that contains highly poisonous gas from volcanic vents. The glass breaks on impact with a hard surface and diffuses the gas in the surrounding air to a radius of 5ft from the point of impact. The gas (Fort DC 15 save for no effect) lowers the strength of those in the area of effect by 2d4 if the save is not made. Since the glass tip shatters on impact the arrow is not reusable.

The gas can also be of a lethal type dealing 2d6 damage (1d6 if save) to those within the area of effect.

Fire Arrows
Fire arrows are composed of an oil-filled plantstem shaft that has a pressure-sensitive tip. When the tip hits a hard surface it releases a flint-and-steel mini-mechanism that sets the oil alight thus shattering the tube. This causes standard oil damage to all in the surrounding 5 ft. Due to the nature of the release of the oil the arrow is not reusable