Water Weird
Hit Dice3d8+6

The water weird are a life form originating from the elemental plane of water. The can hide within water even in front of a being. A detect magic will reveal that the water they reside in is indeed magical. They attack all living thing, feeding from their essences in some unknown matter.

   The creature forms in but 1/2 an action appearing
as a serpent and lashes out at a nearby opponent. Opponents hit
by the weird must make a reflex save (DC 20) or be dragged into
the pool the weird resides. While an opponent is being drowned by
the water weird they take 2d8+4 every round until freed, no need
to hit. Once the weird has a victim it will continue drowning that
victim until dead. It cannot attack others while drowning an opponent.

   A drowning victim may try to break free by performing
a full action move and making a strength check (DC 20) against the

   Piercing weapons do 1 point of damage to the
creature, slashing weapons 2 points of damage, and blunt weapons
full damage. If the weird is brought to zero hitpoints it will reform
back to full hit points in 2 rounds.

   1st level and above cold based spells that do
damage act like a slow spell on it and deal no damage. A
purify food and water spell well deal 1 point of damage per caster
level or destroy a zero hitpoint water wierd. Otherwise the being
is uneffected by spells.

Armor Class18
3E Attack Bonus+10
Special AttacksDrowning
Special DefenseElemental, elemental resistance (fire)
DR 15
Magic ResistanceNone
SizeLarge (10’+
AlignmentChaotic Evil
Challenge Rating3

Listen +7
Spot +7
Hide +30
Improved Init

For Save+6
Ref Save+6
Wil Save+1

The water weird was originally published by Wizards of the Coast®. This version is simply a conversion to 3E Dungeons and Dragons.