The players leave the town of Harken after an odd visit. They set out east toward the Goblin’s Hold Mountains. This might be a good time to have the players stop by and see old friends in familiar places as the town of King’s reach.

Since this is a long trip several side adventures might be appropriate it. Eventually the players will reach Jewel a frontier town near the edge of the mountain range.

Here they will want to resupply and find any information on the mountains that they can. The players will see what little there is of the small town as they enter it. They will shortly find themselves at the Inn/Tavern The Jeweled Goblet. They will be given a typical small town welcome (shunned and ignored by most) and will notice that besides the typical frontier trapper that a few (5) goblins MM 107 3E are among the patrons.

In speaking with the locals they will hear rumors of goblin tribes on the war path and raiding bands of giants. Players receive several warnings that the rainy season is in mid-swing, they can expect heavy storms that can cause mudslides and strong winds. Sure enough as evening arrives a heavy rain begins. The stable boy will come running into the tavern about 8 PM to say that the players horses have become spooked by the rain and 1 has run off. The innkeeper, Oscar, will have the stable boy and his brother, the dishwasher, assist the player in getting his horse back. The animal will be found a few hundred yards away from the tavern.

Those who go out after the horse will be soaked to the skin within 5 minutes. The horse will be in good condition, however on the way back some lightning will spook it again. Call for a handle animal roll or the players will have to chase it down again. As they eventually get the horse under control and head back they will notice one of the goblins from the inn standing out in the rain and watching them. Once he has been spotted and the characters look his way he will grin widely at them and walk off. The goblin is actually just drunk and out here relieving himself, but do not let the PCs know that.

Back inside the innkeeper’s wife, Sarah, will fuss over the party to put the wet boots and such by the fire. Towels will be brought, and warm ale served to take away the chill. No more excitement occurs but the rain and wind picks up to a heavy pace. A few of the locals throw blankets by the fire rather than walk home in such foul weather. Eventually, the party heads off to their rooms for sleep. The howling wind keeps a few awake but the sound of rain outside instead of inside makes for comforting thoughts and they soon drift off.