The party sets out from the village of Landover to the village of King’s Reach. It is nearing winter and by the time the players arrive the deep snows will be on them. Elan suggests buying heavy clothing before going, or along the way.

The trip is long and King’s Reach is one of the furthest points in the kingdom. If you wish to play out some aspects of the trip, such as a side adventure, it is suggested at this point.

When they party arrives in King’s Reach they notice the village is even smaller than they were told, maybe 50 individuals in all. After seeing what little there is of the town the party should look for lodging or the center of town activity. An inn is recommended

The Kings Reach Inn: There is some activity going on here. Before they enter the players may notice a half dozen horses with the brands of Baron Ganth, heraldry skill, upon them. Inside 6 of the Baron’s men are drinking and making fun of the locals, occasionally grabbing at the worried looking serving girl.

Questioning the innkeeper Silas will not get much information. He is preoccupied with the soldiers rough treatment of the serving girl, his daughter. If the PCs don’t do anything the innkeeper will eventually speak to the soldiers. If this occurs the soldiers will then attempt to beat and humiliate him, “Bark like a dog old man”, and so on. The soldiers will not respect the PCs nor listen to their protests. A fight is likely to break out.

The 6 soldiers are 2nd level warriors. All are currently in leather armor, they are armed with long swords and carry daggers. None will draw a weapon unless, one of their opponents do, spells are used, they are badly losing, or they are being humiliated.

A group of 12 locals will arrive on the scene eventually with the idea of throwing the soldiers out, and the PCs too if they tear up the inn. If the players are losing the locals can show up to save them or help drive away the soldiers, who will taunt the players as they leave.

Afterwards if the players were helpful their stay will be free and the locals will tell what information they have. The most likely sounding rumors are of a haunted cave up on the side of Mount Shastan, about 3 days ride plus the climb, if the snows go easy. They are told to look for a long rope bridge that crosses a chasm.