Abilities: When the flask is opened or the bottle is broken, a stinking pool of slime will bubble forth. This will form into one or more slimy creatures in one full round that will do the conjurer’s bidding in the same manner as the wizard spell summon monster. The slime monsters will turn into a pool of slime when slain or after 4d6 rounds. To determine the type and number of slime creatures created, roll on the following table of a d10 and consult the monster manual.

Creature Table:
1-3: Slime Goblin 4d6 (treat as goblins with morning stars)
4-6: Lemure (devil) 2d6
7-8: Grey Ooze 1d2
9: Gibbering Mouther 1d2
10: Gelatinous Cube 1 (extra large, add 1d4 extra HD of 1d10)

The potion is also very poisonous. If even a sip in ingested one must save (DC 25 or die, save means loss of 2d6 CON for 6 days) or die.

Creation: Caster level: 9th, prerequisites: Brew potion, Summon monster V. Market price: 1500 GP. Weight 1 lb.