2E Monsters (ZIP 279 Kb)
3E Creature Collection #1 (15 creatures) ZIP 60 Kb
Amazon (ZIP 34Kb) by Ralphie Kabo
Azmyth (ZIP 102Kb) 3.5E converted by Bob Brinkman
Book of Deamons 3E Full of stuff! (ZIP 53 Kb)
Book of Demons 3E Full of stuff! (ZIP 104 Kb)
Book of Devils 3E Full of stuff! (ZIP 86Kb)
Book of Modrons (ZIP 56 Kb)
Book of Undead 3E Full of stuff! (ZIP 61 Kb)
Creature Catalog 3E Full of stuff! (ZIP 1190 Kb)
Creature Collection 2E (ZIP 160 Kb)
Creatures #2 (ZIP 26 Kb) 17 New d20 System Monsters
Creatures #3 (ZIP 19 Kb) Spider-like Monsters & a New Character Race
Deadly Molds

Flyers (ZIP 8 Kb)
Gem Dragons Collection not in the MM (ZIP 124 Kb)
Gloomworm (ZIP 103Kb) 3.5E converted by Bob Brinkman
(ZIP 92Kb) 3.5E converted by Bob Brinkman
Leeches (ZIP 20Kb) detailed analysis by Xavier Fadeli
Missing Monsters from 3E (ZIP 138 Kb)
Netbook of Creatures (ZIP 792 Kb)
Player’s Handbook Creature Statistics (ZIP 129 Kb)
Riding Dragon (ZIP 24Kb ) by Ralphie Kabo
Temple of Elemental Evil Monsters (ZIP 285 Kb)
(ZIP 5Kb) by Ralphie Kabo