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Wall of Insects
by Michael Dallaire
 School  Conj. (Summ)

   The casters summons a swarm of insects that form a formidable defensive barrier. The wall can be placed on an uneven surface, between two anchor points, and will adjust its dimensions to accommodate (between two trees on a sloping hill for example).

   The wall is 2 inches thick per caster levels. The caster cannot adjust the thickness to double the area of effect. Each 5ft square of the wall has 20 hit points per inch of thickness. Creatures can hit the wall automatically, but will provoke an attack of opportunity from the walls squirming occupants. Edged weapons will inflict ½ damage, while blunt weapons inflict full damage. Fire, cold, and electrical attacks will inflict double damage.

   Those that touch the wall, come within 5ft of the wall, or pass through the wall, will be bitten and stung until they are out of the walls threat area. Damage is d10 per caster level in biting damage, additionally a FORT save DC 10 + 1/2 the casters level is required to avoid the effects of poisoning from the thousands of stinging insects in the wall. Failed saves will result in a d4 loss of temporary constitution, those reduced to 0 constitution and still within the walls threat area will be consumed by the insect wall in d4 rounds. Consumed victims will restore d10 hitpoints to the wall.

Material components: hand full of powdered insects ( army ants, wasps, scarab beetles, etc.. ) and a pinch of sugar.

 Level  7 Sor, Wiz,
 6 Drd
 Components  V,S,M
 Range  medium
100ft +10ft/level)
 Target  5' square area
 per level
 Duration  1r / lvl
 Save  Special
 Resistance  No

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