The Swap Spell was a magical incantation that had the ability to switch the positions of two individuals. This spell was created by a mischievous wizard named Zoltar, who was known for his love of pranks and his tendency to use his magic for less-than-serious purposes.

One day, Zoltar was playing a practical joke on his friend, a fellow wizard named Gorn. He snuck up behind Gorn and cast the Swap Spell, causing them both to switch positions. To Zoltar’s delight, Gorn was completely confused and disoriented, and he stumbled around trying to figure out what had just happened.

Zoltar laughed heartily at the success of his prank, but as he watched Gorn try to regain his balance, he realized that the Swap Spell had a far greater potential than he had first imagined. He saw that the spell could be used to confuse and disorient enemies, to evade danger, and even to gain the upper hand in combat.

Excited by the possibilities, Zoltar began to experiment with the Swap Spell, refining it and testing its limits. He soon discovered that the spell could be used to switch the positions of any two individuals, regardless of their size or strength.

With his newfound knowledge, Zoltar began to spread the word about the Swap Spell, teaching it to fellow wizards and mages. The spell quickly gained popularity among those who valued versatility and cunning, and it became a staple of magical arsenals everywhere.


 School  Alt.
The spell teleports two people and swaps their positions. Both people must be within the area of effect. If either person is not willing to be transported they get a saving throw vs. spell (willpower 3E) to resist the swap. Both targets must fail the save for the spell to succeed.
 Level  6 Sor, Wiz
 Components  V
 Range  30 feet
 Target  2 in 30′
 Duration  Instant
 Save  Yes
 Resistance  Yes