With the Teng tomb revealing no information as to other masks or even their creation, the demise of Charilus, and no clue where to go next the party finds themselves in a bind. The only lead they have is that Omar has gone in search of a dig site that is being managed by Shar. Fortunately for them this will suffice. Most likely the PCs will be wise enough to assume Omar will return to Harken, if they forget you might help by reminding them of their friend and his last mission. Either way they will have to stop at Jewel to gain supplies for the trip back.

During the time the PCs were away Omar has scouted the dig site and returned to Harken. With some investigation Omar has surmised that something bad has happened to Charilus and the PCs. With a bit of money and a favor from a priest friend he discovers the party’s location through magic quite easily, remember the ivory broach. This all happens after the party has decided where to go from their expedition to the Teng tomb.

Depending where the PCs travel, back to Harken or a stop at Jewel, Omar will meet them there. If they go back to Harken bypassing Jewel they will have to hunt and gather food. Probably being exhausted and hungry when they arrive at Harken from such a long journey. Their trip back from the tomb will be uneventful, except for the drow ambush, but now that the PCs have half of the masks its power is growing. Each mask that can influence its owner will now do so even more. Usually this will be minor things that do not drastically alter a situation but can draw it in a different direction. This only affects the PC while they are wearing them, there is no saving throw.

Mask of Abjuration: user will become more suspicious and cautious of encounters with strangers.
Mask of Invocation: user will be more hostile toward others.
Mask of Necromancy: user will be indifferent with the happenings or deaths of others, including innocents.

See fit as to how each situation applies to the masks the PCs have discovered. Eventually they will be a hindrance as they only serve to bring back Xoth.

After meeting up with Omar either at Jewel or at Harken Omar will try to persuade the party take some time, sit, eat, and have a drink at the inn so that they may gather their information together. He will express his sadness in Charilus’s loss and that he is relieved the party is alive. Omar knows of Charilus’s true demise but will not reveal this to the party. If asked how Omar found the party he will simply say “a few divinations spells, it was quite easy actually” and leave it at that.

Omar will inform the party of his findings about the dig at this time. “Using the Mask of Divination, Shar and her group, have discovered the location of the Mask of Illusion” Omar will explain. “They have many hired hands digging up the earth in search of the mask. I am not sure what or who they expect to find. They also have patrols around the area to keep intruders out. Charilus feared that with the mask of divination they might be able to recover the remaining masks, apparently is seems true.” Omar will then reveal a map he has made while scouting the area. It is 5 days travel by horse south of Harken in the Moaning Forest. Omar explains that the forest is know for the type of trees that grow there. A certain tree that grows in the forest has various cavities that create low sounds when the wind passes through them, thus giving the forest its name. On a windy night the forest can give even the most fearless of warriors the chills. Not to many people venture into their due to superstition that more occurs there than seems.

Omar will suggest that perhaps the party should get a good night rest and leave in the morning. Although if the party wants to leave now he will not argue. If the party is a Jewel they will have to travel back to Harken to gain enough horses for the trip. Omar expresses that he does not know how long it will take Shar to get the next mask, if it is there, but that she has been at the dig site about a week.

From the time Blackthorn has placed his gift within the PCs possession he has been tracking them with magic. If the PCs have yet to rid themselves of the ivory broach and have decided to stay the night in Jewel then Blackthorn will attempt to obtain the masks the PCs have. If the PCs have discovered a way to remove the cursed broach or have traveled straight to Harken then Blackthorn will be tracking them from that point on by foot in an attempt to either ambush or steal the masks.

Blackthorn’s Steal and Run: The thugs will come into The Jeweled Goblet after the PCs are asleep. 2 will stay downstairs grab the registry and discover which rooms the PCs are staying in. After the initial shock to the innkeeper and the commoners, who protests, one of the men will threaten the innkeeper to keep quiet and the commotion quickly stops. The other 8 will go upstairs and secure the doors to all the PCs room by holding them shut. The remainder will select each PC that has a mask, one at a time, for a quick rush and grab of the mask. They will attempt to hold and pummel the PC into unconsciousness if that PC wakes up. If threatened with weapons or spells they will defend themselves. The idea is to hold the doors closed and assault each PC alone in order to gain the masks. If the PCs are all in one room or paired up the men will take down the weakest of the group or single lodged PCs 1st using one man per person to hold the other PCs doors closed. If the PCs are all in one room then a mass rush will occur as some men hold off the PCs while others go for their masks.

Regardless of the encounter if at any time Blackthorn’s life is threatened he will flee with or without the masks. If the PCs manage to defeat all the men and not lose any masks they will find a note daggered to the inn’s door stating the following “I will not underestimate you again, turn over the masks and no one’s life will be further threatened” signed Blackthorn.

Hired Thugs, 10 humans FTR3

male human Ftr3: CR 3; Size M (5 ft., 8 in. tall); HD 3d10+3; hp 28; Init +2 (+2 Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 12 (+2 Dex); Attack +7 melee, or +5 ranged; SV Fort +4, Ref +3, Will -1; AL N; Str 17, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 7, Cha 11.
Languages Spoken: Common

Skills and feats: Climb +5, Gather information +2, Hide +2, Listen +2, Move silently +2, Ride +4, Search +1, Spot +1, Exotic weapon proficiency (crossbow, repeating), Mounted combat, Point blank shot, Power attack, Weapon Focus (longsword).

EQ: longsword, chainmail, dagger, buckler, 5 gp.