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by Another Unkown Gamer


History: A Fire Star is a very effective weapon when it comes to slicing the living daylights out of someone then burning the rest of them. This weapon was originally made by a rouge that had some wizard abilities and wanted a little extra "edge" when attacking from a distance. Some wizards from his order liked his idea and asked for the creation method. Soon the technique spread far and wide; then it was lost...

   In all about 7,500 fire stars were made. There are some who claim that they know they secret of how to make them but if they do they don't say how.

Abilities: + 2 Flaming/Returning Shuriken. Once a week the Fire Star can be used to make a "fire bomb attack". To use this the Shuriken is thrown like a grenade weapon. Wherever the Fire Star lands is the epicenter for an explosion that is 40 feet in diameter. This explosion deals 4d6 fire damage to every one in the blast radius. After the explosion goes off, the weapon returns to your hand (not hot) but cant flare up for the next 1d6+1 rounds, though it can still return.


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