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Prologue to the Book of Blades

Version 5. Finally. After two years in the making, the Gallery of Magically Blades resurfaces to the ‘net with a brand new version. It’s been a long two years, and I’m proud to sayt he Gallery of Magical Blades has a new Assistant Editor, Gary McDermott ([email protected]) who has been absolutly instrumental in getting this version done. While lots has kept me busy, and away from the Gallery, perhaps the biggest event (or, at least, the biggest event any role player reading this might care to know about), would be the creation of the NetRPG website ( New blades for version 5 are denoted by a star (P) before their names in the table of contents and their listings. Also included at the end of the book are tables for randomly creating sword descriptions, including a complete gem generator based on the 1st-Edition AD&D rules. The only changes that we have made to any of the blades submitted are for correction of spelling, punctuation, grammar, format, and for clarification of game statistics and rules. Please read this prologue in its entirety before continuing as it contains information that is not only useful, but that we deem vital.


Famous Last Words

When you pick a magical weapon for your campaign, either as a treasure or challenge for the player’s, please use your common sense. If you feel that you must roll to determine the weapon randomly, do so before the battle begins. I’ve played in adventure where we (as characters) defeated a bunch of goblins, opened up the treasure chest behind them, and watched the DM roll randomly on the charts. I now had a Vorpal sword. Also, when picking weapons from this document for your campaign, read them over fully, and consider them. Think of what not only the monsters could do with them, but what the players could do with them as well. Some of the weapons in here are by far unrealistic even for a fantasy game, and should be classed as one of a kind artifacts, perhaps even weapons of the gods themselves. Oh ya, don’t forget to have fun too! Christopher A. Brooks – Editor

I must concur with our esteemed editor’s words of wisdom above. Always take the time to consider the impact adding a powerful magical weapon to your adventuring party might have on game balance and playability. Giving a party member a magical item just because “That’s what I rolled…” isn’t always the best or fairest idea. I would also like to suggest that DMs try to break players of the old “I’ll use my +2 sword on that monster” way of thinking. Remember, it’s a role-playing game. There’s no such thing as a “+2 sword” in the characters’ world (hopefully)! Try to encourage players to use weapon names and descriptions rather than mathematics, it adds a certain flair to the game, trust me! Use the weapons here as jumping-off points for your own imagination, you don’t have to be limited by what is written down on (electronic) paper. As is the case with most of the rules we play the game by, if it doesn’t work for your group, change it! That’s how this book came into being – through the imaginations and ideas of others. Play well and survive every adventure. Gary M. McDermott – Asst. Editor