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Crown of Leadership
by Kurtis Swekla

   This is a large crown with a variety of encrusted jewels. The jewels in the crown may not be removed without destroying the crown itself. If an attempt is made to pry out a jewel, the instigator receive 2d6 points of electrical damage, no save. The crown itself does not cause any damage when touched or worn.

   The wearer of this crown receives +3 wisdom and +3 charisma while the crown is worn. The wearer also gains a +2 bonus to saves made against poison.

   Different versions of the crown may be created to grant different powers. For example, an orc version gives strength and charisma, a dwarf version constitution and charisma, and so on. Different versions of the crown may also contain an alignment. In such a case it will slowly alter the alignment of its wearer's to that of the crown.


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