Atrium’s Flaming Fingertips
By Someone
 School  Evocation [Fire]

   This spell is a little tricky to explain.
A one inch thick jet of flame shoots from the fingertip(s)
dealing 1d6 damage per caster level (maximum 10d6) to anyone
struck by the flames. The flames go 20 ft. in the direction
of the finger used. When dealing with this spell use the directions
of a compass to figure out the direction of each flame shoots
in. Here is a quick chart.

Middle F: North
Pointer F: North East
Thumb: East
Ring F: North West
Pinky F: West

Middle F: North
Pointer F: North West
Thumb: West
Ring F: North East
Pinky F: East

   Due to the fact that the flames are only
1 inch thick each a successful reflex save negates. A target
must make a reflex for all flames that come in his direction.
One may not hit but the other may.

   The caster decides if he wants to use all
fingertips or specific ones. Only 5 flames may be shot from
each hand. So if the caster can use more than 5 flames there
is a chance that an enemy (or friend) may be caught in the
middle of crossing flames. NO extra damage is dealt from this
occurence. This spell sets fire to combustibles and damages
objects in the area.

Material Components: A drop of oil and a small piece
of flint.

 Level  3 Sor/Wiz
 Components  V,S,M
 Range  (Close) 20′
 Target  see text
 Duration  Instantaneous
 Save  Negates
 Resistance  Yes