Maeldrun’s Spell Trigger
By Alex Dominguez
 School  Ench.

This spell can operate on an area or on an item. The spell discharges the effect of the area (15? radius) or the primary function on an item.

Items: A targeted wand of fireballs will use a charge and activate a fireball at maximum range. I wand with a beam power will active and affect the first target it hits. A chime of hunger will gong activating its ability, etc.

Area: A glyph of warding placed on an area can be triggered by the spell. A magic mouth spell sounds, etc.

Only items with charges or effects that are limited can be affected. A ring of protection, lenses of the eagle, and potions, scrolls, or a pearl of wizardry can’t be affected.

To activate the spells in an area the spell caster must make a will save against the spell’s just as if they were affected by it. If the target is an item the wearer of the item must make a will save Vs the caster’s spell trigger in order to have their item be triggered.

 Level  3 Wiz,
 4 Sor
 Components  V,S
 Range  5′ / lvl
 Target  15′ rad. or
 1 target
 Duration  1 day / lvl
 Save  Yes
 Resistance  Yes