The liquid places a foul smell in the noses of beasts from the Abyss. Their ability to fight anyone that has drank this fluid is hampered signifcantly.

Abilities: Once consumed the fluid inside makes the imbiber secrete a foul stench from his body. The only beings to notice this stench are beings from the Abyss and from Hell. Any outer plane creature from the Abyss will be at -5 to hit the inbiber for 3d4 rounds. These creatures will definitely react to the potion visibly so it is a good way to “sort of” detect demons by imbibing the potion. Creatures from the plane of hell are also affected by the vile oder, but they are only at -3 to hit the imbiber.

Originally the potion was created by an evil conjuror many years ago from the blood of slain paladins. It was used to protect himself from his summonings. The use of this vial by good characters should be observed by the DM for the only way to make this potion is from the blood of a slain paladin. The vial has 3 doses within and the affects begin the round after the vial is consumed.