There was a wizard named Warzbach who was known for his love of destruction and chaos. He was always seeking new and creative ways to cause destruction, and he was particularly fascinated by the idea of using magic to create balls that would cause damage and destruction.

Warzbach devoted himself to studying the dark arts of enchantment and creating spells that would bring his idea to life. He experimented with different materials, incantations, and enchantments, until he finally discovered the spell that would allow him to create magically enchanted balls that were both dangerous and damaging.

The spell, known as Warzbach’s Bouncing Balls, allowed the wizard to create balls that bounced and rolled in unpredictable ways, striking their targets with incredible force and causing massive destruction. The spell also imbued the balls with a dangerous magic that made them lethal to anyone who came into contact with them.

Warzbach’s Bouncing Balls quickly became a feared weapon, as wizards and warriors sought to harness the power of the spell in their battles and wars. The spell was especially popular among those who sought to gain an advantage in combat, as the balls were nearly impossible to dodge and could cause devastating damage to their targets.

However, as the popularity of Warzbach’s Bouncing Balls grew, so did concerns about the spell’s potential for destruction. Some feared that the spell would be used for evil, and they called for its banishment. Others saw the spell as a necessary tool in the fight against evil, and they sought to refine and improve the spell to make it even more deadly and effective.

In the end, Warzbach’s Bouncing Balls became a symbol of the power and danger of magic, and it remains one of the most infamous spells in the world. Whether used for good or evil, the spell continues to inspire fear and caution in those who know of its power.


Warzbach’s Bouncing Balls
 School  Conj.
With this spell the caster shoots one magically enchanted ball, per level of the caster, at his target. Each ball does 1 point of damage and the caster can have a maximum of 10 balls. However if this spell is used in a closed room, hallway, cave or any area with walls each ball has a chance to hit its target multiple times causing more damage per ball.

2 walls present: 1d2 damage per ball
3 walls present: 1d3 damage per ball
4 walls present: 1d4 damage per ball

 Level  2 Sor, Wiz
 Components  V,S
 Range  10 yards
 Target  1 target
 Duration  Instant
 Save  No
 Resistance  Yes